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Apply For Obama Grants Money
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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Remarks by the President and First Lady at College Opportunity

Remarks by the President and First Lady at College Opportunity Summit

It is really excellent to be here these days with all of you.  We have with us these days higher education and school presidents; we have professionals and supporters, and social and company management.  And I want to thank all of you for making the attempt to be here these days and for operating every day to help teenagers engage in the amount and learning and develop lighter futures trading for themselves and for our nation.

MRS. OBAMA:  Troy's tale informs us all of the unlimited potential that can be found within all of our teenagers no issue where they come from or how much cash they have.  Troy is an example of why we all should excellent care greatly about this problem.

And Troy, and an incredible number of others like him, are why I excellent care so much about this problem, and why in in the future I'm going to be investing more and more of time concentrating on knowledge.  Because as everyone here knows, knowledge is the key to achievements for so many children.  And my objective particularly is to achieve out straight to teenagers and motivate them to take cost of their futures trading and finish knowledge and learning beyond secondary school.  And I’m doing this because so often when we discuss knowledge, we discuss our teenagers and what we need to do for them.  We discuss the applications we need to make for them, about the sources we need to dedicate to them.

So my wish is that with this new attempt, that instead of referring to our children, we discuss with our children.  I want to listen to what exactly is going on in their lifestyles.  I want to motivate them to phase up and make to the amount and learning so they can have possibilities they never even imagined of.  I’m doing this because that tale of chance through knowledge is the tale of my lifestyle, and I want them to know that it can be their tale, too but only if they dedicate themselves to ongoing the amount and learning previous secondary school.

And for many learners, that might mean participating an excellent or higher education like the ones many of you signify.  For others, it might mean selecting an excellent.  It might mean seeking short-term expert coaching.  But regardless of what they do, I want to make sure that learners believe that they have what it requires to be successful beyond secondary school.  That is going to be my concept to teenagers.

But here is the thing:  I know that that concept alone is not enough.  Like I said, this is a two-way road, and that indicates we all have to phase up.  Because make no error about it, these children are intelligent.  They will observe if we're not having up our end of the deal.  They will observe if we tell them about implementing for higher education or economical aid, but then no one is there to help them select the right school or finish the right types.  They will observe if we tell them that they're excellent enough to graduate student from higher education, but then no higher education requests them to implement, no higher education encourages them to check out their university.  

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