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Apply For Obama Grants Money
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Obama has signed 168 executive orders

Obama has signed 168 executive orders

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President Barack Obama has issued upward of 1,000 executive orders, more than any modern president.

The ruling

The custom of professional purchases goes back to our first chief executive, Henry California, though it was used occasionally through the first 100 decades of the partnership.

Executive purchases are formal activities taken by the chief executive guiding the govt and bureaucracies. They carry the power of law, but can be suspended or revised by future companies and are restricted in opportunity. For example, Obama cannot use professional purchases to increase the lowest salary for the entire country, but he can (and plans to) increase the lowest salary for employees employed under new govt agreements to $10.10 an hour.

The process grabbed under Ulysses S. Grants, who released 217 professional purchases, nearly 140 more than his forerunner Phil Brown, who himself almost more than doubled Abraham Lincoln subsequently, the past history owner.

After Grants, it became very common for presidents to issue more than 100 professional purchases. Actually, four presidents have surpassed 1,000 professional orders: Stuffed bear Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (Notice Barack obama's missing from that list.)

FDR maintains the history with 3,522 professional purchases during his 12-plus decades in office.

But according to the sequence e-mail, FDR used his pen rarely and released a modest 11 professional purchases — another inaccuracy. (See the graph at right.)

It's apparent the sequence e-mail is way off. Not only is Obama far from the most legendary user of professional purchases, at this point he's not even on speed to exceed President Henry W. Bush's total. Actually, unless he choices up speed, Obama will likely sign less professional purchases than any two-term chief executive since the start of the Last millennium.

We rate this claim Trousers on Fire.

Steve Contorno, Times staff writer

Edited for create. Read the full edition at

Executive purchases by president

Here's the wrong adds of presidential professional purchases in the sequence e-mail in comparison to the actual numbers, provided by the School of Florida at Santa Barbara's American Obama administration Venture.

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