Apply For Obama Grants Money

Apply For Obama Grants Money
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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Obama announces $600 million in grant programs to prepare workforce for jobs

A pair of grant programs has been announced by President Obama that aims at bringing academic institution and businesses closer. The program announced on Wednesday will help prepare Americans for jobs that may otherwise go unfilled.
After a review of the federal jobs programs by Vice president Biden the need for these programs was felt and $600 million budget already in federal budget was assigned to the grants program. The vice president Biden also joined Obama to make this announcement at the community college outside Pittsburgh.
The grant aims at an economy that facilitates the growth of the middle class instead being just a model for top down growth. The new job-training programs are required to keep in pace with rapid changes reshaping technology, the economy and the education system. These programs will help to dig out a more direct path between community colleges and private-sector jobs majorly in the advanced manufacturing, technology industries and health-care.
According to senior administration officials the challenge for schools and for industry today is to establish broadly accepted vocational training that will prepare the workforce for the next generation of jobs in a fast-changing economy. At the Community college of Allegheny County, Obama ensure that the programs designed by educators work and should be replicated across the country. The programs are in best interest of the country and the young generation as it trains them for jobs of current times and of the future. 
Such programs have been executed in the past by even immediate predecessors of the current president but this one is being called different by president Obama on the basis that it is “job driven” rather than dictated by training that may not be best preparing the workforce for the skills needed to secure jobs and a career path.

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